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Thursday, May 30, 2013

He's Dead.

Henry Morgentaler is dead. One has to wonder if he is now facing the hundreds of thousands of little children that died as a result of his advocacy. In a just universe, one would think so. Perhaps he is gazing into the sea of faces, watching the little ones pause from their play to look into the face of the man who cut their Earthly lives so tragically short.

Imagine the overwhelming feelings he must be experiencing as he looks into their eyes, facing the children at last. All his rationalizations about “helping women” and “advancing reproductive rights” now fall so utterly flat and horribly discomforting. No longer does his pro-abortion reasoning sit firmly in his mind as correct. All that consumes him now is the sight of those beautiful faces and the sudden horror of realizing that he spent his adult life perpetuating genocide onto children.

With sadness in their eyes, the children probably see him as a victim as well, a victim of the master plan to wipe out as many human beings as possible. Maybe they are praying for him too, asking God to forgive him because he knew not what he was doing.

Maybe Henry Morgentaler’s zeal for abortion was an unconscious retaliation for losing family in the Nazi Holocaust. Or perhaps he carried with him a deep-seeded belief that he himself should have been aborted because (as he believed) his mother didn’t love him, thus “saving” his victims from what he had to experience. Why he did what he did will be fodder for psycho-analytics for a long time to come, but one thing is for sure: the Holocaust survivor with mother issues now must finally face the truth in all its horror.

For decades, many pro lifers prayed that Henry Morgentaler would have a conversion and become an advocate for life, as Bernard Nathanson did in the U.S. many years ago. Alas, we see no indication that he had any sort of conversion.  Many believe that in the dark recesses of his heart, he really knew what he was doing. He knew the savagery he committed, and maybe just maybe, he made some sort of peace at the end of it all. We can’t know for sure.

What we do know is that Henry Morgentaler left a trail of destruction in his wake that will last forever. Who is missing from Canada as a result of unrestricted abortion on demand? A future great Prime Minister? Doctors who heal, teachers, lawyers, mothers and fathers? Who of the multitudes would have changed this country? We’ll never know what was destined for Canada before Henry Morgentaler came along.

The Earthly life of Henry Morgentaler is over. The damage is done. The pro life movement will now continue its battle to stop and undo the harm he caused to the greatest extent possible.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Society in Denial

Why is what seems so obvious to pro-lifers completely lost on those who fight for so-called “abortion rights”? How can they not see the basic science that tells us when human life begins, ultrasound images that reveal the living child in the womb, nor the gruesome photos of the tiny broken bodies of the victims? Why do they dismiss the law of biogenesis that states humans can only reproduce baby humans? Do they know of any woman who has given birth to anything other than a human baby? Why can’t they see the obvious and horrifying reality that abortion is an act of violence that kills a baby?

There are many reasons why our society has come to accept, even defend the legalized killing of children in the womb, and one is the powerful psychological mechanism known as denial. There are several types of denial and all are used to cope with trauma.

Sometimes, we experience a trauma that is so powerful our conscious minds are unable to accept it in its entirety. To cope, we simply trick ourselves into thinking that the traumatic event did not happen. We see this happen in people who witness horrible deaths on the battlefield, or experience the traumatic loss of a loved one. We also see it with abortion.

Make no mistake, the act of abortion is traumatic. In fact, it may be the most traumatic act one can experience. What could be more soul-shattering than witnessing first hand the violent dismemberment of your own child? Although the woman can not see her tiny child being ground to a pulp, the horrific event is occurring inside her own body, at the very core of the deepest bond known to humanity: that between mother and child. It impacts her at the deepest levels of her being.

In many cases, women rationalize and convince themselves that “it’s not a baby,” because they are so desperate to get out of their circumstances. That lie is reinforced by Planned Parenthood, pro abortion friends and family, the media, and doctors. Others truly want their babies but are pressured by the fathers, parents, friends, or life circumstances into getting an abortion. They believe they have no one to help them, too much to lose, or no way to provide, so they believe the promise of a quick, consequence-free solution.

Whether it hits immediately or decades later, the impact of abortion is incredibly profound. It wounds us at the very core of our souls, and its secretive nature helps the psyche bury the trauma even deeper. The accumulation of millions of people being directly or indirectly involved in an abortion experience has produced a collective denial of its trauma.

This is the denial we are engaged in as a society. A wide-spread refusal to face the horror of abortion because there is simply too much pain to accept its true nature. Add to that the difficulty in admitting our individual roles in the abortion tragedy and it is no wonder nobody wants to talk about it. It’s easy to point the finger at others and say, “look at what a terrible thing he has done,” but to turn that finger around and admit that we are permitting a horrible injustice to occur is something entirely different.

Individually and in small groups, post-abortive women and men are confronting their own personal abortion demons. Many are finding real forgiveness and healing with organizations such as Project Rachel and Silent no More. The day we overcome our collective denial and accept the reality of abortion is the day we begin to heal as a nation. We will then assign legalized abortion to history where it will no longer ravage the bodies of our children and the souls of men and women.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Silence the "Trouble-makers"?

The film “Amazing Grace” tells the story of how, despite being labeled a royal pain-in-the-neck, British MP William Wilberforce refused to be silent about the Slave Trade. For 26 years, Wilberforce introduced and re-introduced legislation and petitions calling for an end to the Slave Trade. Among other challenges, he was fighting a social and political belief that slaves were not “persons” possessing value and rights equal to those of British subjects. His first parliamentary motion to abolish the Slave Trade in April of 1791 went down to defeat 163 - 88.

Fast forward to 2012 and we watch Canadian MP Stephen Woodworth’s Motion 312 requesting the formation of a parliamentary committee to study when human life begins go down to defeat by a similar 201 – 91 count. Today, pro life MP’s like Woodworth are battling the social and political belief that unborn babies are not “persons” possessing value and rights equal to born people.

So while Manchester and others lament the presence of “trouble-makers” in Parliament, and how they ought to be permanently silenced, they fail to see the bigger picture.

German philosopher Arthur Shopenhauser famously said, “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Pro lifers are fully aware the truth of abortion is in its initial stages, and we see clearly what that truth is. An unborn baby is a person and abortion is an act of violence that kills her. We also see that one day this truth will be self-evident.

Future generations will look back in astonishment and shame at how we could have allowed such an injustice to occur, and how we could have insisted trouble-makers like Woodworth, vis a vis Wilberforce, be silenced.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Legalize in Ireland?

Predictably, the abortionist cabal is arguing that the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar is reason to do away with Ireland’s ban on abortion. Even before the investigation into Halappanavar’s death is complete, they are jumping to the conclusion that removing her unborn child earlier would have saved her life and thus the laws must be changed to allow abortion on demand.

Meanwhile, a perfectly healthy and pregnant Tonya Reaves went into a Planned Parenthood facility in Chicago for a “safe” legal abortion and was pronounced dead at a hospital a few long and brutal hours later. Ms. Reaves was left to bleed profusely for 5 hours on a Planned Parenthood abortion table.

The autopsy reported that pieces of her unborn baby were left inside of her and that her uterus was badly punctured. It was proven that the “safe, legal, and rare” abortion that Ms. Reaves chose was the direct cause of her death, but no demands to change the law from the choice crowd in response to that tragedy.

No, Reaves' death was largely ignored by the media. Pro abortion groups had few or no comments on it, if only to complain that pro lifers were "exploiting" her death to advance their cause. I venture to suggest those same observers are not about to accuse abortionists of "exploiting" Halappanavar's death to advance their cause.

Despite Halappanavar’s tragic death, Ireland has it right. Abortion kills a baby and killing babies ought not be permitted by any society that dares to call itself civilized. When a mother’s life is in danger due to complications in pregnancy, the appropriate interventions to save her, and hopefully her child, must be carried out in a competent, ethical, and timely manner. Whether or not this happened in Ireland is yet to be determined. If it didn’t, steps must be taken to ensure such a tragedy does not happen again, but those steps do not logically include instituting unborn child-killing on demand.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Canadian Parliament Debates Abortion

On April 26th, an extraordinary debate took place in Canadian Parliament: MP’s discussed whether or not to form a committee to look at the question of what it means to be a human being. More specifically, a motion to examine section 223 of the Canada Criminal Code, which states that a child becomes a human being (with rights) only when it has “…completely proceeded, in a living state from the body of its mother…” was debated.

Most Canadians are unaware that there are no legal barriers to abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy. In fact, polls show that up to 90% of us do not correctly know the legal status of abortion in Canada. Interestingly, those same polls show that most of us – a full 70% - don’t agree with legal elective abortion up to the moment of birth. Concerned tax-payers should also know that virtually all abortions – or as feminists like to call them, “choices” – are paid for with their tax dollars, tax dollars that are supposed to be used for legitimate medical necessities, not choices. But back to the issue at hand.

At the opening of the debate, MP Stephen Woodworth delivered an impassioned plea asking Parliament to study the science of when life begins. His speech will be compared to those given by William Wilberforce when he pleaded for years with the British Parliament to recognize the humanity of African and the inhumanity of the slave trade.

In response to Woodworth's fine speech, several feminist MPs made it clear they feel it is best to simply ignore the science that says life begins at conception, that unborn babies are indeed living and growing, that they are in fact human, ie. human beings, and that the act of abortion intentionally and abruptly kills a human life. No, in their minds it is better to just sweep all that proven science under the carpet in favour of “women’s rights” and their unfettered access to have their unborn babies killed at any time during pregnancy for any or no reason at all.

They used all the old abortionist arguments in an all-out attempt to quash any move toward even debating the issue of abortion. Even Conservative Whip O'Connor cant see the fault in arguing that abortion will always happen and therefore should remain legal. Does he not consider that rape, murder, child abuse, bank robbery and host of other moral wrongs will also always occur? Just because humanity will always be guilty of committing moral wrongs, doesn't mean we need to legalize them.

And of course feminist MP's trotted out the "women will be forced to seek dangerous back-alley abortions once again." They don't realize that legal abortions are dangerous too, nor that no one will be forcing them to do it, except maybe the same people who are forcing them to undergo legal abortion right now. Their quick and firm rejection of legislation designed to criminalize coerced abortion shows how much they really care about women be forced into abortion: not so much.

Another hour of debate on the issue is scheduled for later this year, possibly before summer. If a committee is eventually formed and its members approach the question of when life begins with open and unbiased minds, there is only one conclusion they logically and honestly can reach: that life does indeed begin at conception and that section 223 is grotesquely at odds with science.

Meanwhile, as they have done for the past 43 years, many in Parliament will continue to ignore the plight of the most helpless and innocent among us. They will continue to turn their backs on our unborn children and ignore the science in order to maintain the status quo and appease the mighty feminist cabal in this country.

We still haven’t learned from our past when we made the same mistakes with women, Blacks, and First Nations people. When will we finally do what is right, even if it is the more difficult path, and accept that all human beings are people and all deserve equal rights and equal protection under the law?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chinese Tragedy a Result of Devaluing Life.

If you want to know how low the human race can go, go to youtube and watch the soul-shaking video of the little Chinese toddler Wang Yue being run over and then ignored as she lie bleeding the street. If you want answers as to how human beings can become so calous, so indifferent, so oblivious to the value of human life, you will need to do more than just click on a few websites. Some observers have been positing that China's growing economy and "transition to capitalism" are to blame. They argue that people care only about products and things now, not human life.

I'm not buying it.

I believe the real reason that person after person can see a small, badly mangled, bleeding but obviously living child lying in the street and casually continue on their way as if it is nothing more than spilled produce they are seeing is the direct result of China's brutal one-child policy. For 40 years Chinese officials have gone out into the country side looking for pregnant women who already have a child and used whatever means necessary, including blunt force, to get her to abort her "illegal" child in utero. Often times, the women are then forcilbly sterilized against their will.

Further, if a Chinese woman discovers that the child she is carrying is female, that unborn child is much more likely to be killed by abortion than if she were a boy. You see, boys are culturally preferred in China, especially in rural areas. The practice of unborn girl killing has led to a huge gender imbalance in China (and other places) that only now the rest of the world is taking notice of.

So here we have a nation that has for decades condoned, even forced, the elimination of millions upon millions of (mostly) girls by the most brutal means imaginable. Then, that unbelievable surveillance video of little Wang Yue comes out and the world is in shock. Honestly, I don't think we should be that surprised. China's one-child policy has cultivated a nation with absolutely no regard for the value of human life and that, my friend, is what you are witnessing in that unforgettable 4 minute video.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life Unworthy of Life?

Recently, a Kelowna radio show host discussed (or more accurately, strenuously advocated for) the effort on the part of the BC Liberties Association to challenge Canada’s legal restrictions on physician assisted suicide (PAS). During his show, he made a comment that was truly unsettling.

After he described those who would qualify as candidates for assisted suicide, a caller mentioned the recently deceased Reverend Albert Baldeo and his long battle with Parkinson’s. In response, the host forthrightly suggested that the beloved Reverend was exempt from being assisted to die because his life was “more special” and he had “more to offer us” than most. Wow. Where to begin?

At the heart of this position lies the notion that some lives are worth preserving while others are not. For those old enough to recall, the idea of “life unworthy of life” was a fundamental tenet of the racial policy of the German Third Reich. Of course, in that instance the events unleashed by the acceptance of the notion that some lives are worth living while others are not was rapid, pernicious, and devastating (Interestingly, among the first to go were those experiencing “incurable suffering,” such as Parkinson’s).

Today, the idea is more subtle, insidiously creeping around in our collective psyche and manifesting itself in issues such as assisted suicide, euthanasia, abortion, IVF and embryonic stem cell research. Legitimate concerns over such things as “quality of life,” suffering, medical costs, individual rights, etc lead many well-intentioned people to consider if and when some lives really are not worth living.

I’m sure the Reverend Baldeo would agree that we are all special; that we all possess equal and immeasurable worth no matter our age, physical condition, contribution to society, or any other consideration. The teachings of the Christian faith make it clear, and Reverend Baldeo was undoubtedly intimately familiar with the Christian faith.

The discussion around PAS usually centers on individual rights. Proponents argue that people have a “right to die” and in the manner they so choose. But is there really such a right? Or is death simply a reality that all of us will experience eventually? I just checked the Charter of Rights, the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and the U.S. Constitution for this “right to die.” Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but I didn’t see it anywhere in any of those documents.

Moreover, do we really want to be a society that condones, tolerates, and even encourages the killing of weak and defenseless human beings (Nevermind that the 3,000,000 + unborn babies killed since 1969 in Canada would say that we already are)? Is being purposely injected with a state-approved killing agent while family and friends stand by and watch dying with dignity? Or is being cared for, loved, and respected right up to the end of our natural lives the real dignified death?