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Friday, September 17, 2004

Necessary Procedure?

Perhaps the most definitive aspect of our national health program is that only those medical procedures deemed to be necessary are paid for with public funds. Conversly, all procedures that are "choices", or elective, are to paid for by the individual seeking that procedure. The most obvious examples to come to mind are body-enhancing procedures such as breast implants and other plastic surgeries. Appropriately, these things are not covered by medicare.
But what about abortion? Advocates of abortion defend the legitimacy of the procedure on the basis of "choice." Why then are we as taxpayers paying for it? Why are we paying for an elective prodedure? Every year in Canada, approximately .5 billion dollars of taxpayers money is spent on the procedure itself. Factor in the cost of building clinics, treating ailments resulting from the procedure - including perforated uteruses, infections, follow-up visits, and the purported link to breast cancer - and you have untold amounts of money flowing from Canada's health budget into a choice. Furthermore, when the tax revenue lost from the missing population of tax payers (aborted people) is considered, it is clear that the financial cost of abortion to our nation is huge.
Currently, waiting lists for hip and knee replacements (necessary procedures) can stretch to three years. Waiting list for an abortion (elective procedure) is approximately 1 to 2 weeks. It must be hard for those waiting with pain to watch healthy women carrying healthy babies marching in months ahead of them for their so-called "medical attention." Of course, pregnancy is not a disease and abortion kills a child in the womb.