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Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Society in Denial

Why is what seems so obvious to pro-lifers completely lost on those who fight for so-called “abortion rights”? How can they not see the basic science that tells us when human life begins, ultrasound images that reveal the living child in the womb, nor the gruesome photos of the tiny broken bodies of the victims? Why do they dismiss the law of biogenesis that states humans can only reproduce baby humans? Do they know of any woman who has given birth to anything other than a human baby? Why can’t they see the obvious and horrifying reality that abortion is an act of violence that kills a baby?

There are many reasons why our society has come to accept, even defend the legalized killing of children in the womb, and one is the powerful psychological mechanism known as denial. There are several types of denial and all are used to cope with trauma.

Sometimes, we experience a trauma that is so powerful our conscious minds are unable to accept it in its entirety. To cope, we simply trick ourselves into thinking that the traumatic event did not happen. We see this happen in people who witness horrible deaths on the battlefield, or experience the traumatic loss of a loved one. We also see it with abortion.

Make no mistake, the act of abortion is traumatic. In fact, it may be the most traumatic act one can experience. What could be more soul-shattering than witnessing first hand the violent dismemberment of your own child? Although the woman can not see her tiny child being ground to a pulp, the horrific event is occurring inside her own body, at the very core of the deepest bond known to humanity: that between mother and child. It impacts her at the deepest levels of her being.

In many cases, women rationalize and convince themselves that “it’s not a baby,” because they are so desperate to get out of their circumstances. That lie is reinforced by Planned Parenthood, pro abortion friends and family, the media, and doctors. Others truly want their babies but are pressured by the fathers, parents, friends, or life circumstances into getting an abortion. They believe they have no one to help them, too much to lose, or no way to provide, so they believe the promise of a quick, consequence-free solution.

Whether it hits immediately or decades later, the impact of abortion is incredibly profound. It wounds us at the very core of our souls, and its secretive nature helps the psyche bury the trauma even deeper. The accumulation of millions of people being directly or indirectly involved in an abortion experience has produced a collective denial of its trauma.

This is the denial we are engaged in as a society. A wide-spread refusal to face the horror of abortion because there is simply too much pain to accept its true nature. Add to that the difficulty in admitting our individual roles in the abortion tragedy and it is no wonder nobody wants to talk about it. It’s easy to point the finger at others and say, “look at what a terrible thing he has done,” but to turn that finger around and admit that we are permitting a horrible injustice to occur is something entirely different.

Individually and in small groups, post-abortive women and men are confronting their own personal abortion demons. Many are finding real forgiveness and healing with organizations such as Project Rachel and Silent no More. The day we overcome our collective denial and accept the reality of abortion is the day we begin to heal as a nation. We will then assign legalized abortion to history where it will no longer ravage the bodies of our children and the souls of men and women.