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Thursday, May 30, 2013

He's Dead.

Henry Morgentaler is dead. One has to wonder if he is now facing the hundreds of thousands of little children that died as a result of his advocacy. In a just universe, one would think so. Perhaps he is gazing into the sea of faces, watching the little ones pause from their play to look into the face of the man who cut their Earthly lives so tragically short.

Imagine the overwhelming feelings he must be experiencing as he looks into their eyes, facing the children at last. All his rationalizations about “helping women” and “advancing reproductive rights” now fall so utterly flat and horribly discomforting. No longer does his pro-abortion reasoning sit firmly in his mind as correct. All that consumes him now is the sight of those beautiful faces and the sudden horror of realizing that he spent his adult life perpetuating genocide onto children.

With sadness in their eyes, the children probably see him as a victim as well, a victim of the master plan to wipe out as many human beings as possible. Maybe they are praying for him too, asking God to forgive him because he knew not what he was doing.

Maybe Henry Morgentaler’s zeal for abortion was an unconscious retaliation for losing family in the Nazi Holocaust. Or perhaps he carried with him a deep-seeded belief that he himself should have been aborted because (as he believed) his mother didn’t love him, thus “saving” his victims from what he had to experience. Why he did what he did will be fodder for psycho-analytics for a long time to come, but one thing is for sure: the Holocaust survivor with mother issues now must finally face the truth in all its horror.

For decades, many pro lifers prayed that Henry Morgentaler would have a conversion and become an advocate for life, as Bernard Nathanson did in the U.S. many years ago. Alas, we see no indication that he had any sort of conversion.  Many believe that in the dark recesses of his heart, he really knew what he was doing. He knew the savagery he committed, and maybe just maybe, he made some sort of peace at the end of it all. We can’t know for sure.

What we do know is that Henry Morgentaler left a trail of destruction in his wake that will last forever. Who is missing from Canada as a result of unrestricted abortion on demand? A future great Prime Minister? Doctors who heal, teachers, lawyers, mothers and fathers? Who of the multitudes would have changed this country? We’ll never know what was destined for Canada before Henry Morgentaler came along.

The Earthly life of Henry Morgentaler is over. The damage is done. The pro life movement will now continue its battle to stop and undo the harm he caused to the greatest extent possible.