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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is the BCTF Aborting Itself?

We have all heard of schools closing around BC (176 in the past 9 years according to the BC Teachers’ Federation) and school districts having to slash jobs and services in order to meet their budgets. Most recently, our own SD 23 announced that as many as 45 jobs will need to be trimmed in order to balance the books. The blame has been pinned on various things including insufficient budgets, rising costs, and even the 2010 Olympic Games. But few dare speak of the even more fundamental, politically incorrect dynamic at work here: BC’s dramatically low birth rate.

As is the case in most of the Western world, BC’s birth rate has been declining steadily over the past several decades. Today, the birth rate in the province is a dangerously low 1.4 births per woman, far below the 2.1 needed to sustain the population. At the same time, about 15,000 future students are aborted each year in BC abortion “clinics.”

According to Reg Rawa at the Ministry of Education, there are 541,000 students in BC this year, down from 597,000 in 1999. Rawa also confirmed that budgets are based on the number of students in the district, and that the amount provided per student has risen quite dramatically over the past 10 years (nearly $1 billion in total).

So simply put, the more students in a particular district, the greater the budget for that district; conversely, the fewer students, the smaller the budget. Thus, it can be logically concluded that a low birth rate (along with a high abortion rate) has a direct and devastating impact on education budgets across BC. It is a mystery, then, that the BCTF would advocate for causes, in particular abortion, that drive birth rates down.

The BCTF website reads like an advocacy portal for all things left-wing, including abortion and other radical feminist causes that always seem to discourage children and parenting. One wonders if they have any clue that they are encouraging the killing of their future students and, by extension, their own livelihood.

A teacher’s union advocating for abortion is like a forestry union promoting zero replanting, or a daycare centre promoting childless marriages. The difference is that the latter have the sense to know they would be killing their own future in the process.


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