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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chinese Tragedy a Result of Devaluing Life.

If you want to know how low the human race can go, go to youtube and watch the soul-shaking video of the little Chinese toddler Wang Yue being run over and then ignored as she lie bleeding the street. If you want answers as to how human beings can become so calous, so indifferent, so oblivious to the value of human life, you will need to do more than just click on a few websites. Some observers have been positing that China's growing economy and "transition to capitalism" are to blame. They argue that people care only about products and things now, not human life.

I'm not buying it.

I believe the real reason that person after person can see a small, badly mangled, bleeding but obviously living child lying in the street and casually continue on their way as if it is nothing more than spilled produce they are seeing is the direct result of China's brutal one-child policy. For 40 years Chinese officials have gone out into the country side looking for pregnant women who already have a child and used whatever means necessary, including blunt force, to get her to abort her "illegal" child in utero. Often times, the women are then forcilbly sterilized against their will.

Further, if a Chinese woman discovers that the child she is carrying is female, that unborn child is much more likely to be killed by abortion than if she were a boy. You see, boys are culturally preferred in China, especially in rural areas. The practice of unborn girl killing has led to a huge gender imbalance in China (and other places) that only now the rest of the world is taking notice of.

So here we have a nation that has for decades condoned, even forced, the elimination of millions upon millions of (mostly) girls by the most brutal means imaginable. Then, that unbelievable surveillance video of little Wang Yue comes out and the world is in shock. Honestly, I don't think we should be that surprised. China's one-child policy has cultivated a nation with absolutely no regard for the value of human life and that, my friend, is what you are witnessing in that unforgettable 4 minute video.


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