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Friday, April 27, 2012

Canadian Parliament Debates Abortion

On April 26th, an extraordinary debate took place in Canadian Parliament: MP’s discussed whether or not to form a committee to look at the question of what it means to be a human being. More specifically, a motion to examine section 223 of the Canada Criminal Code, which states that a child becomes a human being (with rights) only when it has “…completely proceeded, in a living state from the body of its mother…” was debated.

Most Canadians are unaware that there are no legal barriers to abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy. In fact, polls show that up to 90% of us do not correctly know the legal status of abortion in Canada. Interestingly, those same polls show that most of us – a full 70% - don’t agree with legal elective abortion up to the moment of birth. Concerned tax-payers should also know that virtually all abortions – or as feminists like to call them, “choices” – are paid for with their tax dollars, tax dollars that are supposed to be used for legitimate medical necessities, not choices. But back to the issue at hand.

At the opening of the debate, MP Stephen Woodworth delivered an impassioned plea asking Parliament to study the science of when life begins. His speech will be compared to those given by William Wilberforce when he pleaded for years with the British Parliament to recognize the humanity of African and the inhumanity of the slave trade.

In response to Woodworth's fine speech, several feminist MPs made it clear they feel it is best to simply ignore the science that says life begins at conception, that unborn babies are indeed living and growing, that they are in fact human, ie. human beings, and that the act of abortion intentionally and abruptly kills a human life. No, in their minds it is better to just sweep all that proven science under the carpet in favour of “women’s rights” and their unfettered access to have their unborn babies killed at any time during pregnancy for any or no reason at all.

They used all the old abortionist arguments in an all-out attempt to quash any move toward even debating the issue of abortion. Even Conservative Whip O'Connor cant see the fault in arguing that abortion will always happen and therefore should remain legal. Does he not consider that rape, murder, child abuse, bank robbery and host of other moral wrongs will also always occur? Just because humanity will always be guilty of committing moral wrongs, doesn't mean we need to legalize them.

And of course feminist MP's trotted out the "women will be forced to seek dangerous back-alley abortions once again." They don't realize that legal abortions are dangerous too, nor that no one will be forcing them to do it, except maybe the same people who are forcing them to undergo legal abortion right now. Their quick and firm rejection of legislation designed to criminalize coerced abortion shows how much they really care about women be forced into abortion: not so much.

Another hour of debate on the issue is scheduled for later this year, possibly before summer. If a committee is eventually formed and its members approach the question of when life begins with open and unbiased minds, there is only one conclusion they logically and honestly can reach: that life does indeed begin at conception and that section 223 is grotesquely at odds with science.

Meanwhile, as they have done for the past 43 years, many in Parliament will continue to ignore the plight of the most helpless and innocent among us. They will continue to turn their backs on our unborn children and ignore the science in order to maintain the status quo and appease the mighty feminist cabal in this country.

We still haven’t learned from our past when we made the same mistakes with women, Blacks, and First Nations people. When will we finally do what is right, even if it is the more difficult path, and accept that all human beings are people and all deserve equal rights and equal protection under the law?


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