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Friday, November 16, 2012

Legalize in Ireland?

Predictably, the abortionist cabal is arguing that the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar is reason to do away with Ireland’s ban on abortion. Even before the investigation into Halappanavar’s death is complete, they are jumping to the conclusion that removing her unborn child earlier would have saved her life and thus the laws must be changed to allow abortion on demand.

Meanwhile, a perfectly healthy and pregnant Tonya Reaves went into a Planned Parenthood facility in Chicago for a “safe” legal abortion and was pronounced dead at a hospital a few long and brutal hours later. Ms. Reaves was left to bleed profusely for 5 hours on a Planned Parenthood abortion table.

The autopsy reported that pieces of her unborn baby were left inside of her and that her uterus was badly punctured. It was proven that the “safe, legal, and rare” abortion that Ms. Reaves chose was the direct cause of her death, but no demands to change the law from the choice crowd in response to that tragedy.

No, Reaves' death was largely ignored by the media. Pro abortion groups had few or no comments on it, if only to complain that pro lifers were "exploiting" her death to advance their cause. I venture to suggest those same observers are not about to accuse abortionists of "exploiting" Halappanavar's death to advance their cause.

Despite Halappanavar’s tragic death, Ireland has it right. Abortion kills a baby and killing babies ought not be permitted by any society that dares to call itself civilized. When a mother’s life is in danger due to complications in pregnancy, the appropriate interventions to save her, and hopefully her child, must be carried out in a competent, ethical, and timely manner. Whether or not this happened in Ireland is yet to be determined. If it didn’t, steps must be taken to ensure such a tragedy does not happen again, but those steps do not logically include instituting unborn child-killing on demand.


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